A well-written logo design creative brief can lead our graphic designers in the right direction towards creating the perfect logo for your brand/business. Before you prepare your creative brief, it is important to know the key components of providing a creative brief, as well as some useful design language to help you describe what you want. At the end of this guide, you will be capable of writing logo briefs that empower our graphic designers to create the perfect logo for your brand/company.

What is a logo design creative brief?

A logo design creative brief provides our graphic designers with all of the information needed to create a logo for your company. Information about the business, the desired design style, the project time frame, and the funding source. Any miscommunication on these necessary points could lead to a useless and awkward-looking logo, so let’s make sure you are prepared to write each step!

1. Describe your business relevant information in logo design creative brief.

Provide your company name in logo design creative brief.

Provide your company slogan (if needed) in logo design creative brief.

It is more important to begin by considering the why than it is to begin by considering the what or how. Information was relevant to your business, including your company’s background and history. After all, graphic designers are more than just computer operators. They understand people, products, industries, and how to choose and translate compatible aesthetics for these aspects.

Describe your product, target audience, and industry in logo design creative brief.

Our graphic designers always know what design techniques work for different types of products, audiences, and industries. Therefore, this is a good place to go into further detail. Think about what you can mention about your products or services, your manufacturing process, customer lifestyles, or your competitors.

2. Describe your desired logo style in logo design creative brief.

Explain what type of logo you need in logo design creative brief.

Emblem? Monogram? Pictorial Mark? Abstract? Mascots? Combination Mark? If these sound new to you, If you’re not totally sure about the design style. It’s extremely helpful when you can provide our team with a strong example of logo designs you like (through google search engine) & what you are aiming for.

Communicate your desired logo style by sharing the inspiring samples (of your competitors or google search engine) with us (min – 5 to the max – 10). This will give our graphic designers an idea about what excites you the most about your logo.

Mention your Desired Colors in Logo Design Creative Brief. 

Our designers know how to choose the best colors for a company. With that in mind, color choices are always welcome in a logo design creative brief. Your suggestions may include just colors like “red and black” or they may include images associated with the colors of your choice.

Ready to start designing your business logo?

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Logo Design Creative Brief: 2 steps to the perfect logo design for your brand.

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