Creative Brief

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Client's Name:

Who Are You? (Example Student, Freelancer, Company Marketing Peron, Company Head, Professor)

Company Name:





Do you have a logo? (If yes, please supply as a vector file if possible - this is typically saved as a .eps, .ai or high resolutio .pdf file)

If no, do we need to design one for this project? (If yes, please outline requirements in specifications paragraph - feel free to include colourrs, tone, and any imagery / existing logos which you like. The more details we have the better!)


How may we assist you?

Do you have a Slogan you want to use? (Is there any side heading for to your company/Project)

What products/services do you offer?

Who are your target Audience? (Example for an education business the customers are students, professors, parents, institutions, etc)

Who are your competitors? (Name some competitors and mention their websites) (Example: Harsh Designs;, Imbuedesk;, etc)

Value to convey: What are the values you want to convey through your graphics?

Where will the graphics appear?

Brand Guidelines: (Please include any brand guidelines we may need to adhere to, such as colors, fonts, styles, etc.)

Object / Goal of the Project:

Share your Inspiring Graphics samples in .jpeg, .jpg, or .png format (min-5 to the max-10). This will give us an idea about what excites you the most about your graphic.

Max. size: 128.0 MB

Do you have a social media presence for your business?


Budget (if applicable):

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