That’s very true!

Design is not only being implemented in the digital world, but also in everything we use, like clothing, furniture, appliances, and so on.

Design is not simply seen by a consumer while using a laptop or mobile.

It’s about a beautiful toothbrush which isn’t any easier to use despite it looking good. Not. If an item is not easy to operate, then it has no function.

The hairbrush is designed in a way that makes brushing your hair easier and more efficient.

An alarm clock is a clock designed for the purpose of alerting a particular person or group of people at a particular time.

When you use the power button, things will be much better.

Design is “intelligence made visible”

Design is the process of creating a chair so that it can be easily used and feels comfortable when used.

Look within yourself and see how complete you are.

You are attractive.

Design is also concerned with making it easy for the cook to use their oven safely when cooking their food.

The human-centered design allows designers/creators to enable the user to do whatever they want to do.

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