Logos are part of everyday life. You find them on your refrigerator when you make breakfast, on your car when you drive to work, on your computer when you sit down at your desk, etc.

There are 6 types of logos: but which kind of logo is right for you?

1) Emblem Logo Design is one of the The 6 types of logos (and Why should you choose Emblem Logo):

The logo design of emblems is a very old method of branding. An emblem is a logo that contains text inside of the symbol. It showcases the logo in a classic, traditional way. That’s why you always see them used by public institutions and schools — they make it feel nice and official. Emblems are more detailed than other kinds of logos and include delicate linework and small, detailed imagery.

Why should you choose an Emblem Logo Design?

  • Your brand wants to express its legacy, tradition, and longevity.
  • You are looking for a logo that conveys a sense of high values and greatness.

2. Monogram Logo Design is one of the The 6 types of logos (and Why should you choose Emblem Logo):

Monogram logo design is to build a new term, such as Hewlett Packard can now be referred to as ‘HP’. Finding the right justification for using a name that’s an initialism is not difficult. If this sounds like your organization, a monogram may be a more fitting symbol than a logotype. This logo focuses the name down to the memorable (and pronounceable) bits. Instead of using Home Box Office, you can more commonly refer to it as HBO. If you’re looking to create an identity for your brand, a monogram is the best option.

Why should you choose a Monogram Logo Design?

  • You want your company name but have a long and unique name. 
  • You work in an industry in which many workers routinely use initials to refer to themselves.

3) The Pictorial Mark or Brand Mark is one of the The 6 types of logos (and Why should you choose Emblem Logo):

This brings us to the brand mark (also called a “pictorial mark”). The imagery you choose for your company logo has to be incredibly iconic for the average customer to recognize and identify it. Pictorial marks are just so fun!

Why should you choose a Pictorial Mark Logo Design?

  • Your brand name naturally lends itself to being drawn literally. The Apple logo is an example of how a brand name is represented literally. A picture that represents their brand is more fitting than a monogram or logo.
  • Your aim is to express a distinctive brand personality with an image that wouldn’t be achievable with just your name alone.

4) Abstract Logo Design is one of the The 6 types of logos (and Why should you choose Emblem Logo):

This Abstract logo design is used when you want to use an image, but don’t want to be restricted by a literal representation. You may use an abstract logo that evokes a feeling rather than thought. They can be challenging as not everyone will understand the same picture. The advantage of these types of logos is, once you get your brand out there, no one else has a logo quite like yours. You’ll be well on your way to successfully differentiating your brand from the rest of the market from the outset.

Why should you choose an Abstract Mark Logo Design?

  • You desire a more serious tone to your logo and you want it to reflect an environment of professionalism. 
  • You want something completely fresh and unique.

5) Mascots Logo Design is one of the The 6 types of logos (and Why should you choose Emblem Logo):

A mascot varies from the above pictures and symbols in that it’s a painting of a human. (or, at least, an anthropomorphized character). As humans, we are instinctively drawn to seeing another human face (even if it is really, a cartoon character’s face) A mascot creates a feeling of attachment towards the logo and brand. The most important danger with a mascot logo is that it may be too friendly and look like saccharin. If you want your brand to be taken seriously, suggest a different kind of logo.

Why should you choose a Mascot Logo Design?

  • You want to cater to a particular audience. 
  • Your brand will feature fun, welcoming, and cheerful elements. 
  • You want something adaptable that can accommodate a variety of circumstances and be useful in a variety of scenarios.

6) Combination Logo Design is one of the The 6 types of logos (and Why should you choose Emblem Logo):

All in the universe is not inherently black and white. You may not have to pick only one form of logo. You are encouraged to combine some or all of the ideas presented. One may associate a mascot with a wordmark, or insert one’s monogram into an abstract logo. A brand mark can be specified to have a logotype and both aspects of the brand can be segregated and used for various scenarios. If you prefer a well-designed logo that can be changed to suit various conditions, yes. Combination marks are adaptable in several different ways. You can keep your mascot as long as it doesn’t contradict your brand, but you must change the abstract logo if it does. We recommend choosing a combination mark as it will allow you to create a single brand image that is memorable.

Why should you choose a combination mark logo design?

  • You want the best of many things you desire. 
  • You want a logo design that can change and adapt.

Harsh Puranam

About the Author:

Harsh Puranam

Harsh Puranam is a Senior Graphic Designer, SMM Expert, and Video Creator from Hyderabad, Telangana.