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Each of us has access to at least one of these apps: Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube. We do, don’t we?

English New Year

The social media marketing calendar 2022 is used to increase brand awareness, maintain two-way communication with customers, acquire new customers, & conquer new markets.


The ultimate goal of marketing is to increase top-and bottom-line sales, & digital marketing is a boon to small & medium-sized businesses.

Islamic New Year

Among the most critical types of social media, engagement are posts about special occasions.


A social media calendar 2022 is a list of all the social media posts you’ll be making in the coming weeks.


Following is the list of special days, during which posts, videos, blogs, stories help you propagate your business more effectively.

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At Harsh designs, we understand the importance of such posts, and we not only help our customers identify such special occasions, but also design eye-catchy creatives.