Keywords-The Key to Digital Marketing: What do you think is the most important and common thing across all forms of digital marketing? What is that one thing that can do wonders to your business? What that thing that can bring your business in the top search results on any platform ??

Keywords !! Yeah!! You got it right!!

Simply put keywords are the search words that your potential customers use to reach to you. Well he wants to reach to you,but are you ready to grab the opportunity. If you really want to then start to use the right keywords!!

Let us see now

Why Keywords are important for your Business growth? What are the best keywords research tools? in this blog!!

How will Keywords help your business?

Be it Content marketing, SEO, Paid marketing, social media marketing, mobile marketing, big data you name it. What ensures that your business reaches to the right audiences at the right time ?

Keywords isn’t it? What if you developed a motion graphics video that is totally amazing? You have spent tons of time and energy on it hoping that it will be liked by your target audiences!

How do you think this creative will reach the audiences when they search for a product or a service that your video advertises for?

It is through keywords. If the title, description, hashtags are filled with keywords that aptly describes the business the video will be listed out when a prospective customer conducts a search.

Why Keywords research is important?

Fine we have seen how keywords can help your business. But how will you know exactly what keywords to use? How will you know how people are likely to search for the products or services you are offering? How can you know what different types of permutations and combinations can be used to arrive at unique and less competitive keywords? How will you understand which keywords are demanded region-wise to narrow down your campaign and reach? How will you know what is the region of the alternate word-wise?

Keywords Research for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Info graph

Long Tail Keywords Vs Short Tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords require more in-depth content and are harder to research. However, they have low search volumes and are easier to rank and convert. On the other hand, short-tail keywords are easier to research but harder to rank and convert.

For example, dress or maroon dress can be a short-tail keyword, but women’s maroon rayon dress with sequins is a long-tail keyword.

Short Tail Keywords Vs Long Tail Keywords Info graph

Why are Long Tail Keywords Important?

Okay. Never ever ignore long-tail keywords. Let me explain. I like olive green shirts. I want to buy one for myself. I search for “olive green cotton shirts”. You are a seller who sells cotton shirts. And you forgot to add “olive green” “words to describe that olive green cotton shirt and simply described it as a “cotton shirt”. Sorry, your shirt couldn’t find its way to a buyer who has shown interest in it.

In simple language, if you are not using longtail keywords, you are losing your business.

Long Tail Keywords Importance graph
Long Tail Keywords Importance – Google Search Engine

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Keywords

In nontechnical SEO Keywords are everything. Keywords are to be just used in the description but everywhere possible. Metatags, titles, headers, image titles and where ever possible.  Such practices improve the chances to increase your website ranking. And also remember that you must conduct regular research and keep updating the keywords that describe your business every now and then according to the changing trends.

Keywords strategy is not one time do and forget thing it is an continues process that ensures that your website rankings are never dropped. 

Keyword tools for Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

Google Keyword Planner

GrowthBar SEO


MOZ Keyword Explorer

Ahrefs Keywords Explorer

Google Trends and SEMrush

So next time think twice before you skip to conduct keyword research.

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Sushmita Dabbiru is a Digital Marketer, SMM Expert, SEO Analyst, and Content Creator from Hyderabad, Telangana.

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