Introduction of the Story: About Aavishkar and Their Requirements

Aavishkar, a pioneering entity in the sphere of nutraceuticals and supplementation, is unwavering in its mission to transform how these products are perceived and administered. Led by their dynamic CEO, Dinesh AR, and the resourceful Managing Director, Ms. Anusha Sane, Aavishkar is continuously forging ahead with a futuristic approach. Through innovative packaging solutions and their groundbreaking ThinSolTM technology, they are redefining product portability and ease of administration.

Aavishkar stands out for its proactive approach in identifying and harnessing new opportunities. It identified a unique need to echo their forward-thinking approach and the distinctiveness of their wide-ranging product portfolio through an interactive and immersive product display. They aspired to have a 360-degree 3D representation of their 50+ product portfolio that could be fluidly integrated into their website. This endeavor aimed to provide an unmatched browsing experience to their customers, and for this, they turned to Harsh Designs.

How Harsh Designs Came into the Picture

Recognizing Aavishkar exceptional requirements, Harsh Designs, a name synonymous with innovative design and branding solutions, took on the challenge. Their expertise in 3D modeling coupled with an understanding of Aavishkar’s vision led them to propose a solution that could take Aavishkar’s product display to new heights.

What Harsh Designs Suggested to Aavishkar

Harsh Designs brought forth a comprehensive solution that involved creating a 3D model for each of Aavishkar products. The process set in motion with the packaging design of all products using Adobe Illustrator. The keyline drawings, once completed, were handed over to 3D modeling artists who used specialized tools like 3Ds Max and KeyShot to breathe life into the 3D models. Subsequently, these models were animated using the Blender Application, crafting interactive 3D objects that added an immersive element to the online product display.

How Aavishkar Used Harsh Designs and Advantages Gained by Harsh Designs

The incorporation of Harsh Designs 3D modeling solution brought about a notable transformation in Aavishkar’s product display. The interactive 3D objects provided a tangible-like view of each product to the customers, amplifying their browsing experience, and fortifying the brand image.

The successful execution of the Aavishkar project reinforced Harsh Designs standing as a frontrunner in 3D modeling and branding services. Their trailblazing approach to product display, demonstrated through this project, garnered interest from other businesses seeking similar services, thus highlighting the transformative capabilities of 3D technology in product visualization.

Aavishkar ThinSol Beauty Oral Dissolving Strip Packaging in 3D Modeling

Why Every Business Requires Harsh Designs for Their Branding

The triumph of Aavishkar and Harsh Designs underscores the importance of innovative branding and product display techniques in today’s digital world. Interactive and visually appealing product displays not only elevate the customer experience but also fortify brand identity, directly influencing sales. Businesses intending to create a lasting impression and amplify their online presence can immensely benefit from Harsh Designs’ proficiency.

Aavishkar and Harsh Designs have made it easier for you to witness firsthand the result of their transformative partnership. Get a closer, more interactive view of Aavishkar’s innovative product range, and experience the magic of 3D product visualization.

Step1: Open the provided Google Drive link and download the “Aavishkar 360° Motion Animation 3D Model by Harsh Designs.gltf” file to your desktop.

Step2: Visit “” to access the “View 3D Object” feature. Once you’re on the website, simply drag and drop the previously downloaded GLTF file into the viewer. This will enable you to experience the 3D animation model.


The collaboration of Aavishkar and Harsh Designs brings to the fore the immense potential of 3D modeling in reshaping online product displays. This partnership enabled Aavishkar to manifest their innovative vision into reality, offering their customers an engrossing and interactive browsing experience. The success of this initiative underlines the potency of merging pioneering technology with creative design in carving a unique brand image. It serves as proof that businesses investing in advanced solutions like those offered by Harsh Designs can catalyze their growth and differentiate themselves in a highly competitive marketplace. It sets a precedent for other businesses to follow, encouraging them to embrace change and leverage modern design techniques to enhance customer engagement and brand identity.

Moreover, this journey of Aavishkar and Harsh Designs is not just about integrating 3D technology into product visualization, but it also signifies the role of innovation in business success. They didn’t merely adopt a new technology; they reimagined how products can be presented, how customers can interact with them online, and ultimately how a brand can distinguish itself in the market.

In the current scenario, where online presence has become crucial for businesses, this innovative approach to branding can be the key to capturing customers’ attention. Harsh Designs’ success with Aavishkar’s project has paved the way for other businesses to explore and integrate advanced 3D technologies in their online product display, providing an immersive experience to customers and standing out in the digital market space.

The partnership of Aavishkar and Harsh Designs highlights the power of synergy between businesses that share a vision of innovation and are willing to experiment with new ideas to elevate their customer experience. It is an exemplar of the extraordinary things that can happen when businesses collaborate, share their expertise, and strive towards a common goal of transforming the traditional ways of product display and customer interaction.

At the end of the day, the most significant takeaway from this collaboration is the impact it has had on customers. The immersive 3D product experience not only made it easier for customers to understand the products better but also added an element of interest and engagement to their browsing experience. It catered to their needs while also appealing to their sensibilities, striking a balance between utility and aesthetics.

So, while Aavishkar continues to revolutionize nutraceuticals and supplementation through innovative methods of administration and futuristic packaging, they have also set a new standard in product display with the help of Harsh Designs. Similarly, Harsh Designs, while offering creative design and branding solutions, has proven its prowess in leveraging 3D technology for product visualization, setting a new benchmark in the industry.

In conclusion, this alliance is a classic example of how combining innovative thinking with advanced technology can bring about transformative results. It provides a roadmap for other businesses, demonstrating how investment in cutting-edge solutions like those offered by Harsh Designs can drive growth, differentiate brands, and set them apart in a competitive marketplace. The transformation that Harsh Designs brought about for Aavishkar is not merely about the change in product display; it’s about the shift in the way customers perceive and interact with the brand. It’s a testament to the power of innovation, collaboration, and the courage to push boundaries, shaping the future of online product displays.

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