A Visionary Beginning: Rishang Jain and Puneet Shetty’s Route To Smile Healthcare:

Rishang Jain and Puneet Shetty laid the foundation of Route To Smile Healthcare Private Limited, a company that achieved remarkable success through social media marketing. However, their old website, developed by a Delhi-based freelancer, needed an overhaul. Seeking a robust solution, they approached theHarsh Designs team for website customization, a doctors’ panel, and a web application for dental doctors and patients in the Clear Aligners business.

A Partnership Forged in Innovation

Harsh Designs eagerly embraced the challenge of transforming Route To Smile’s digital presence. Their team of content writers, who were also medical professionals, provided engaging content and local SEO strategies for the website. Meanwhile, their developers focused on creating a user-friendly interface with UI & UX design enhancements.

Building a Seamless Platform for Dental Care

Harsh Designs understood the importance of a seamless experience for both doctors and patients. They developed a backend panel for the website, allowing users to register their mail ids, contact numbers, and addresses separately. This panel also enabled order tracking, dental perceptions, and X-ray uploads, among other features.

Breathing Life into Requirements: The Harsh Designs Coding Magic

Determined to meet Route To Smile’s needs, Harsh Designs utilized their coding expertise. Their medical professional content writers crafted engaging content and implemented local SEO strategies. The team built a backend panel for separate registration of doctors and patients, allowing for order tracking, dental perceptions, and X-ray uploads. In 50 days, the website was ready, followed by two web applications within another 50 days – one for the business and another for their Africa-based startup.

Route To Smile Healthcare & Harsh Designs: A Fruitful Collaboration:

Throughout their partnership, Harsh Designs provided an array of services to Route To Smile Healthcare. These included:

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Their journey began with a comprehensive social media marketing drive, targeting multiple areas and audiences to maximize visibility and engagement.

UI & UX Design

Creating a visually appealing and user-friendly interface was a priority, ensuring a positive experience for all users. Harsh Designs prioritized user experience, creating an attractive, functional interface.

Website Development

Developing a robust and responsive website that catered to the unique needs of Route To Smile’s clientele was the cornerstone of the project. The robust, responsive website catered to Route To Smile’s unique requirements.

Medical Content Creation

Harsh Designs team of content writers, who were also medical professionals, crafted engaging, informative, and SEO-optimized content for the website. Engaging, informative, and SEO-optimized content was crafted by medical professional content writers.

Local SEO

By implementing local SEO strategies, Harsh Designs ensured that Route To Smile’s website would rank higher in relevant search results, increasing visibility and driving traffic. Local SEO strategies ensured higher search result rankings, driving traffic and increasing visibility.

Web Applications

Two distinct web applications were developed – one tailored to Route To Smile’s Clear Aligners business, and another for their new startup in Africa. Two tailored web applications were developed for Route To Smile’s Clear Aligners business and their Africa-based startup.

Doctors Panel & Patients Panel

Specialized panels were created for both doctors and patients, allowing for easy registration, communication, and management of essential information. Specialized panels streamlined registration, communication, and information management for doctors and patients.

Order Tracking

The platform included an order tracking feature, offering users the ability to monitor their Clear Aligners orders in real-time. Real-time order tracking enhanced user experience and satisfaction.

To further boost Route To Smile’s online presence, Harsh Designs also managed their GoogleAds campaigns, targeting potential customers and driving conversions. GoogleAds campaigns further boosted Route To Smile’s online presence and drove conversions.

In the end, the partnership between Route To Smile Healthcare Private Limited and Harsh Designs proved fruitful, resulting in a digital transformation that elevated the company to new heights of success. The journey was long and filled with challenges, but by working together, these two entities built a comprehensive platform that revolutionized dental care and left lasting smiles on the faces of countless patients.

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